Tuesday, November 18, 2014



The children were interested in tunnels.
We began looking a tunnels from around the world.

We assigned the task of making a tunnel that could hold the most weight.The children could use any materials that they wanted to create their tunnels. They designed, built, and  then tested several times adapting their designs and materials. The official weigh off came and the children were so excited. The families came and participated during the weigh off. We did not bring enough weights. Several tunnels was still standing after 170lbs was added to the top. 



 We created our number tiles out of ceramic tiles. The children wrote the number and an equation for the number on the tile. Then they glued different materials that corresponded with the numbers.


Rocks and Minerals

They began using the scientific method of finding out the
density, hardness, and types of rocks.
The children were wanting to know about what is beneath the earth's surface. We continued to find out by going to the Science lab. 4th and 5th grade students showed the many differences and forms rock come in.

Does rocks absorb water?

They were able to go the Geo Science center in Tulsa. They showed them many different types of rocks. They learned about fossil fuels that come from rocks. They also were able to see fossils and bones that became rock.
 We looked at Andy Goldsworthy's art. They created art with the rocks.

They adopted a rock. They found out where the rock was born. Discussed it life before and how it many grow and change. They dressed the rock and gave the rocks names. They presented their rocks to the class.

Biography bottles

Biography Bottles

They created props that were important to their careers

The children read different biographies and created the person out of a 2 liter bottles. They created presentations for their biographies and presented them in class.

Monets Landscapes and Landforms

Monet and Land forms

We began this investigation when we went on a field trip to Philbrook Museum that had the Monet exhibit. We had been working on space and the planets. After the field trip the children began discussing what in on the surface of the earth.
Monet was a great way for the children to discover land forms. Monet technique was used throughout the process. We watched different videos on Monet's life and how he painted.

They used Monet's technique of painting their canvas a solid color. Then they allowed it to dry.
He then painted over the canvas with many tones of color. 

Documentation on Monet